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23 March 2023: Partial or full missing data

Smart meter network problems: data issue affecting some user accounts

Users with Smets 1 Trilliant smart meter communication hubs (typically installed by British Gas 2011-2015) have had no recent usage data available in the app since 25 February. Requests for data to these meters are not being sent while the network continues to stabilize.

All other users have been affected either by missing recent data or a reduced frequency of updates, but the situation is improving.

The DCC (Smart Meter Network) increased the capacity of the link with our data partner N3rgy on 16 March and the backlog of recent data requests for the majority of meters has since cleared

However, as of 23 March the frequency of usage data updates remains at a reduced rate of every 6 hours instead of 2. This limit is likely to remain in place for at least 1 more week.

The network has been stable for the last 2 days, so N3rgy will request recent data for a subset of the affected meters this weekend. If that's successful, data requests will be expanded incrementally for the remaining affected meters. When restored fully, the frequency of data requests will revert to 2-hourly for all users.  


Details of the issue on 25 February have not been been verified fully. We understand that a change was made to a subsection of the network that the affected meters are on, which increased the volume of data coming from that part of the network, overloading the link between N3rgy and the smart meter network. 

 There is no need to tell us that you have missing data - we are able to identify this automatically.

We will update this page when we have further updates.

Last update: 1.50pm 23 March 2023