Does my device store data?

Your Loop device can store data for up to 28 days, however it doesn't contain any unique information identifiable to you.

The data is stored when it's not possible to send the information to our servers. In this event, the device will reattempt sending data at the next opportunity. 

At all other times when the connection has been established, data is stored locally on the Clip and sent at 15 minute intervals from there to your hub, and finally to our servers. 

Some of the most common events that affect the upload of data to our servers include: 

  • Poor connection between the Clip and the Hub
  • The Clip has not been closed correctly. Leaving the Clip unattached or loosely attached to a power cable can also diminish the battery life considerably as in normal operation the Clip scavenges power from the electricity cable rather than use its battery. 
  • There's interference with magnetic components with the clip