How do I identify my meter type?

During "Device Setup", you’ll be asked on the app to identify the type of electricity meter you have, based on the number of cables you have connected to it. Simply swipe through the images and select the one that looks most similar to yours.

cables_4cables_4 2 covcables_5


Generally a domestic electricity meter will have 4 or 5 cables connected to it. However, some installations will use a special connection block between the incoming cable and the meter. In this case, only 2 or 3 cables will be visible. 

  • Where possible, please attach your Clip to a straight length of cable, rather than a curved or bent section
  • Where possible, please position your Clip to avoid it touching other cables  
  • If you have 4 cables: clip on the RIGHT HAND CABLE
  • If you have 4 cables with a special connector, leaving only 2 cables visible: clip on RIGHT HAND CABLE
  • If you have 5 cables: clip on the LEFT HAND CABLE 
  • If you have 5 cables with a special connector, leaving only 3 cables visible: this configuration is not supported - unfortunately you are unable to use Loop.

Your new Clip is a clever piece of technology.  The foam inserts are important to its proper operation, so do not remove them and try to avoid touching them during installation. 

To make sure the Clip works as intended, please ensure your electricity cable is clean and free of debris.  We would recommend wiping the cable with a dry cloth prior to installing the Clip.  

Please ensure the Clip is fully closed without obstruction.  You should feel it click shut.

Standard electrical cables are 16mm2 (16mm squared) and 25mm2 (25mm squared) -  the Loop Clip is designed to clamp around both. Whilst it may be a tight fit around the larger 25mm2 cables, the Clip will close. 

It's essential that your Clip is fully closed. 

If you want to go back and change the meter you’ve selected, just go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Devices’, where you can go through the device set up again.

If you’re still unsure, please take a photo showing your electricity meter with the surrounding cables and send it to our customer support team at with a short description of the problem.