Installing your Loop Clip

Your Loop Clip is the device that clips around a cable next to your electricity meter and monitors the amount of electricity you're using in your home.

After Pairing your clip with the Hub, you need to clip it on to one of the cables in your meter cupboard.  The app will guide your through which cable to clip on to, but if you're still unsure, check this other article for more information. 

How do I install my Loop Clip?


2Your new Clip is a clever piece of technology.  The foam inserts are important to its proper operation, so do not remove them and try to avoid touching them during installation. 


To make sure the Clip works as intended, please ensure your electricity cable is clean and free of debris, and that the Clip is fully closed without obstruction.  You should feel it click shut.


Standard electrical cables are 16mm2 (16mm squared) and 25mm2 (25mm squared) -  the Loop Clip is designed to clamp around both. Whilst it may be a tight fit around the larger 25mm2 cables, the Clip will close.  It's important to make sure your Clip is fully closed. 


If you have any difficulties either identifying the correct cable or fastening the clip, please contact us on