Can I use Loop? Compatibility checkpoints

Loop is compatible with most households, but there are a few things to check before you buy

  • You will need access to your electricity meter and your broadband router needs to be within 30 meters of your meter.  If it's not, Powerline adapters can be used to bring your Loop Hub into range of the Clip. 
  • Loop is only available via an app on either iPhone or Android handsets - there is no logged-in web portal.  You cannot view Loop data via a website.
  • The Loop app is currently compatible with Apple iPhones only, from 5S onwards and with Android handsets running version 7 or later. 
  • We currently support mainland UK households only
  • The Loop Hub needs to be plugged in, but if no spare plugs or sockets are available near your router, you can use a spare USB socket on your router.
Generally a domestic electricity meter will have 4 or 5 cables connected to it. However, some installations will use a special connection block between the incoming cable and the meter. In this case, only 2 or 3 cables will be visible. 
  • If you have 4 cables: clip on the RIGHT HAND CABLE
  • If you have 4 cables with a special connector, leaving only 2 cables visible: clip on RIGHT HAND CABLE
  • If you have 5 cables: clip on the LEFT HAND CABLE 
  • If you have 5 cables with a special connector, leaving only 3 cables visible: this configuration is not supported - unfortunately you are unable to use Loop. 

Other compatibility factors


  • Loop works with Economy 7 meters but there are currently some caveats.
  • Loop can be installed in houses with solar panels fitted but there are currently some caveats

If you have any compatibility questions, please send your query to