What do the different coloured lights on the Hub mean?

The small LED light on your Loop Hub will display different colours during installation and to indicate possible faults.

The small LED light (indicated by the yellow arrow in the diagram above) will display different coloured lights during installation as it establishes a connection with your router, the Internet and our servers.  Following successful installation and if it is working correctly, it will display only a continuous blue light. 

If your Hub displays any other colour in normal use, please see below for what this might indicate.  You can also click here to launch our Troubleshooting tool for more help.

Lights seen during installation 

Solid Red

Your Hub has power but is indicating that it does not have a confirmed physical connection to your router.  During installation, it will be followed by a flashing red light.

Flashing Red

Your Hub has power and is confirming an ethernet cable has been connected between it and your router.  During installation, this will be followed by a flashing white light.

Flashing White

Your Hub has power, is physically connected to your router and is now confirming that it has an active network connection to your router.  During installation this will be followed by a solid blue light.

    Solid Blue

    Your Hub is now working as expected with active connection to your router, the internet and Loop servers.  This should display brightly for the first 1-2 mins then dim. 

    Flashing Green

    The Hub has power and has confirmed a connection to your home router network. But it is indicating that it is not able to establish a connection to the Loop servers. Please launch the Troubleshooting tool for more help.

    After installation if the light changes colour it may indicate action is required

    Flashing/Solid Red or White 

    If the light changes to flashing/solid RED or WHITE during normal use and after a successful installation, please launch the Troubleshooting tool for more help.

    Flashing Blue

    Your Hub has lost communication with your Clip - follow instructions here to resolve.

    Solid Yellow

    Your Hub is upgrading its firmware.  This should only last for approximately 30 secs whilst it overwrites the previous firmware version with the new update.  If the yellow light persists for more than 15 minutes please contact Support.