What's in your Loop App: The Dashboard

  1. Live usage indicator
    This shows your current electricity usage based on the readings that are received from your clip
  2. Phantom load
    This describes your appliances that are ‘always on’. While there are some items you need to have on, like your fridge or broadband router, there are lots of things you can choose to switch off. This includes standby appliances and your heating. Reducing your Phantom Load is one of the ways you can make significant savings to your energy bill.
  3. Today so far
    Your daily energy usage compared to the same day from the previous week. The difference is recorded as an additional percentage
  4. This week so far
    Like “Today so far”, this additional percentage is based on the usage comparison from the previous week
  5. Loop Dashboard icon
    Provides general information based upon your current electricity usage
  6. Cost per hour / kWh (kilowatts per hour)
    Click on the triangular icon to switch between the monetary and energy cost per hour
  7. Usage level indicator
    Three levels will be shown here: low, medium and high pending on your current energy usage
  8. Tariff health check
    This is your tariff health check where Loop searches for the best tariff that is available to you. This is based on the tariff details that you entered during your installation. If Loop detects that there is a better tariff rate that can save you money, then you will be made aware via this indicator