Why am I missing historical data?

Why you shouldn't "flip the Clip"

If  the historic usage shown in "Week" and "Month" views appear empty (as shown in the animation to the left) but you can view partial readings on some days, it may because you have removed your Clip from the cable and accidentally (or deliberately) reinstated it the other way round.  


We refer to this as "flipping the Clip" and it can confuse the system and lead to lost data.

If you have flipped your Clip and are seeing missing data, please revert the Clip to the original orientation. 

Your historical data that was captured whilst the Clip was in this orientation originally will re-appear, but you may need to log out of your Loop app and log back in to view the readings. 

Please note: It is not possible to retrieve the data that was collected whilst the Clip was flipped, so please be very careful to replace your Clip in its original orientation if you remove it for any reason.  

If you are considering deliberately flipping the Clip for any other reason, please contact us on support@loop.homes to discuss further before going ahead otherwise you risk losing historic data.