Why can’t I see real-time data within the Loop Smart Meter app?

Loop Clip users can see live readings for their electricity usage but smart meter users can't. Why is that?

If Loop is connected to your smart meter you won’t see a live screen in the app. This is because Loop does not have access to your live data. That might sound strange, as you are able to see Live readings on your in-home smart meter display.  However your smart meter sends out two separate sets of electricity readings to two separate networks:

  1. Live readings that update every 10 seconds are sent to your in-home display over a Home Area Network.  However this data never leaves the home and isn't available without additional hardware.
  2. Loop obtains your data remotely over the Wide Area Network.  These remote connections obtain data every 30 minutes - this is what your utility company uses, what you are billed on and the only data that is available in this way to third parties like Loop. 

As smart meter users already have a device that shows Live readings - the in-home display - there isn't much sense in us building a product to do exactly the same thing.  You can use the Live readings on your in-home display to do all the same things that Loop Clip users can do with their in-app Live readings - for example, the Loop Snoop - an easy way to establish which appliances might be costing you more than you realised.