How are the energy costs shown in the app calculated?

We combine unit costs + standing charge to show one simple energy cost

The costs you see in the Track section of the Loop app combine standing charge with energy costs to provide you with a simple total.  They are calculated as follows:  

  1. Your standing charge is divided by 24 to give an hourly value 
  2. The costs shown in the app are: (standing charge hourly value * number of hours in period) + (electricity unit rate * number of units used)

For example: 

  • If the standing charge is 24p per day, that equates to a standing charge hourly value of 1p
  • If there is a 30 min (i.e. 0.5 hour) usage block shown in Track, the tariff unit rate is 18p per kWh, and there are 2 units used in that period, the total cost of this block shown in the app = (1p * 0.5) + (18p * 2) = 36.5p