What should I do if my capped or fixed tariff is coming to an end?

With no cheap tariffs available, your options are to move to a variable, price capped tariff or fix onto a more expensive tariff.

The only available tariffs at the moment are variable rate tariffs that are set at the level of the energy price cap, or longer term, fixed contracts which are set at a higher rate.

The price cap updates four times a year (January, April, July and October). If you move to a variable rate tariff today, you should expect this tariff to increase in April 2023 as the price cap increases. 

If you choose to move to a fixed term contract (typically one or two years in length), your costs won't increase in April. However all fixed term contracts on the market currently are more expensive than the energy price cap so you will pay more at least until April.

Moving to a variable rate deal gives you guaranteed cheaper rates until April, but no certainty on what happens after. Moving to a fixed term deal gives you more expensive rates until April, and certainty that you'll pay the same rates throughout the term of your contract.