N3rgy reports that they cannot find my MPAN. Why is this happening?

N3rgy supports the majority of installed smart meters but there will be a number of smart meter models that will unfortunately not be compatible. Here are a few reasons as to why this may occur:

  • Your smart meter has been installed in the last few weeks.
    • It takes some time for your meter to be added to the central repository and become accessible. Please try again in a few weeks’ time.
  • You don’t have a smart meter installed.
    • See above question to identify whether you have a smart meter or not. If you don’t have a smart meter, you can contact your supplier to request one or purchase a Loop Clip to access Loop.
    • If you are unsure if you have a smart meter then please click this link: How do I know if I have a smart meter?
  • You have an older smart meter that is not yet supported.
    • First generation smart meters are currently being migrated to the central system. As they are migrated they become available to Loop. You can either try again in a few weeks or months or purchase a Loop Clip to get started with Loop now.