What are the benefits of using Loop?

There are so many…

  • Making your household more efficient is the first step towards creating your low carbon home of the future.  The greenest energy is the energy you don’t use.  We all need to do more to reduce our impact.  On average, Loop households cut their electricity use by 10%.  
  • Just seeing the electricity you use and how much it costs helps you to cut your usage.  It’s called the Feedback Effect.  Most households can easily cut 5% from their usage in this way.
  • Find your Phantoms.  We all leave things turned on or on standby. Some things have to stay on, like your fridge and freezer but there are lots of other things that you leave on that perhaps you don’t need to. We call this your Phantom Load.  We’ll show how much this is costing you and how it compares to other households like yours.  The average household could be losing £140 per year to its Phantoms, but for some homes this could be as high as £450. 
  • Our unique solar simulator works brilliantly with smart meters.  We import up to 13 months of your energy data, crunch some numbers and before long can report back on how self-sufficient you would be with solar.  You can read more about it here.
  • Easy tariff switching - accurate savings and independent recommendations.