What's in your Loop app: Settings

  1. Help: Access this section for the following information
        - Help on app features
        - Online Help
  2. Account: Access this section for the following information
        - Change personal details
        - Change password
        - Delete account
        - Sign out
  3. Household
    Add a few details about your home for more tailored advice on how to use your electricity and reduce overall costs
  4. Tariff
    Here is where you can either add or edit your current tariff. It's important to add this as otherwise we can't provide you with any cost details in the app.  Once your tariff details are entered, you can find out if you are on the best value tariff
  5. Devices
    Your device serial numbers can be found here
  6. Notifications
    All Loop notifications can be found here
  7. About
    Your current Loop app version
  8. Loop Settings icon