Why am I only seeing data for either gas or electricity but not both?

Occasionally Loop can only access your electricity or gas data. If your supplier is also only accessing one fuel you should ask them to fix the problem.

Loop communicates with your meter via a mobile network, with communication controlled by a central authority called the Smart DCC.

Occasionally a specific meter fails to respond to our requests for data, despite the other meter working perfectly. There are two reasons this can happen. The first is that the meter in question has stopped communicating completely or is not in fact a smart meter. If your energy supplier is also not able to read the meter remotely then this is likely to be the case. You should contact your supplier and request that they fix the issue.

The second reason is there may be a bug in the meter that means that it fails to respond to requests from third-parties such as Loop, but continues to respond to your supplier. Your energy supplier will have different permissions compared to a third-party such as Loop and for this reason may still be able to successfully communicate with your meter. Your supplier should fix this problem if you report it to them.

We will continue to attempt to communicate with both meters so that if they are repaired you will see data in the Loop app.