Will my meter work with Loop?

smart meters

Our Loop smart meter integration product connects to smart meters through the central smart meter communications platform known as the "DCC". We make a request for data through the DCC and they send a message to your smart meter on our behalf. If your meter has been installed in the last few years, it is highly likely to be connected to the DCC and Loop will be able to contact it.

If your meter was installed longer ago, it may not have been connected to the DCC at the time of installation. An ongoing programme is migrating these meters to the DCC with over eight million migrated so far.

If your meter has been migrated it will work with Loop. If it hasn't been migrated it is unlikely to work with Loop now but is likely to within the next year. The best way to find out if your meter has been migrated is to:

  • Create a Loop account,
  • Add your smart meter details
  • Loop will attempt to connect to it and let you know if it succeeds

This takes around 2 minutes. If you don't have a smart meter, then Loop won't work for you. If you are interested in having a smart meter installed, then please contact your energy supplier who will be able to assist. 

DCC stands for Data Communications Company, a new smart meter communications infrastructure that will link energy suppliers to smart meters via a single and secure smart metering network.

The information above refers to the Loop smart meter integration product and not the Loop hardware monitoring kit.