Is Loop compatible with solar installations?

Loop can be installed in houses with solar installations however this currently comes with the following caveats

  • We do not, currently, show solar generation or export in the app.
  • The Live view is confused when your solar panels are producing power - if you are exporting power to the grid, this will be shown as a positive number on the Live view i.e. you will see your exported power as usage in the Live view. At night or when you are importing grid power, Live will show you an accurate reading for your grid power use.
  • Because our calculations of your Phantom Load are based on your Grid usage, this will also be inaccurate for households with Solar.
  • In the Track section, where you can see your Day, Week and Month view, the numbers shown here are accurate reflections of your imported grid power - so, what you should see is that during the day when your solar panels are producing power, your imported grid power is very low/showing zero. When it gets dark, your grid power use increases. So Track shows you an accurate picture of the grid power you use each day, but does not include your solar energy usage.
      • We are working on full solar compatibility.  This will require additional hardware at additional cost.  Please register for updates below if you wish to be kept up to date on product developments.