I’ve completed the sign up flow successfully, but I’m not seeing any data

Why can’t Loop connect to my smart meter and what can I do about it?

Loop Smart Meter is in Beta.  This means there can be issues obtaining your data from the smart meter.

It can sometimes take a few days for Loop to successfully connect to your smart meter. We will email you once we have connected.

If after several days Loop hasn’t been able to connect, this can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Your meter has been installed in the last month: After your smart meter has been installed it can take a few weeks for your utility to fully register your meters and for Loop to be able to communicate with them. We find this frustrating too! We attempt to communicate to your meter every day and will email you as soon as your meter becomes contactable.
  • Connection strength: smart meters connect remotely via a cellular network. Your home may be in an area of poor coverage.
  • You have a smart meter that has yet to be remotely upgraded: meters installed before 2019 typically need to be remotely upgraded to enable Loop (and other third parties) to communicate with them. Several million of these older meters have been upgraded but there are still several million more to go.
  • An issue with your meter: smart meters are manufactured by several companies and even identical meters can be running different internal software. There are known issues with some meters that may prevent them from talking to Loop. This will be improved over time.

Note: we are aware that in a minority of cases, a customer’s energy supplier can connect to the smart meter even if Loop cannot.

This is typically due to the meter type - either the meter is from the first generation of meters or is a new meter with a bug that blocks authorised companies that are not utilities from connecting.