Why are there gaps in my smart meter data?

Occasionally Loop can't retrieve all your energy data. Find out why below.

The first thing to do if you see missing data in the Track section of the Loop app is to pull down to refresh the screen. This will ensure the latest data is pulled into your app. 

Occasionally there can still be missing data even with the latest data on your phone.

Loop communicates with your meter via a mobile network, with communication controlled by a central authority called the Smart DCC.

Occasionally a meter won’t respond to specific requests for data and this will lead to gaps in the data we can present to you. This could be because the network strength is weak in a given area, the meter itself has a bug in it or another reason. We continue to try to fill these gaps by making repeated requests for the data. We’re continually improving how we do this.

You will see these gaps in the Track section of the Loop app. When gas launches in the app, the Track section explicitly shows when a day has either limited or no data . This is important for gas as many homes have large periods when no gas is used. It’s important to know that no gas was used rather than the data being missing. We will bring this level of clarity to the electricity graphs in the future.