Why does Loop show different costs compared to my bill or In Home Display?

If you see big differences in cost it could be down to missing data or the wrong tariff being set

If there’s a small discrepancy of less than 2% in your gas usage, then this is likely due to your bill or in home display having a slightly different “calorific value” than Loop uses. This is explained in this article

If you are seeing larger differences in your gas usage or differences in your electricity usage, there are three possible causes:

  • Is your tariff set correctly in the Loop app? Go to Settings -> Tariff to update this.
  • Some times the tariff your In Home Display uses to calculate costs is wrong. Your supplier is meant to update this whenever your tariff changes, however we find that in practice this doesn't always happen. We are also aware that some suppliers don't include standing charge or VAT on the In Home Display costs which leads to the In Home Display showing lower costs than Loop or your bill.
  • Is there missing data in the Loop app? We explain why this can happen in this article.