Can I create a Loop smart meter account directly from the Loop app?

Yes you can, but make sure you click the Smart Meter option

Create a Loop acc gifYou can create your new Loop smart meter account straight from the Loop app but please make sure you click on the Smart Meter option.  You will then be taken directly to where you can create your account.  
If you are trying to register your smart meter but clicked on the 'Loop Clip' option by mistake and started creating your account that way you'll see screens asking you to set up your hardware.  Don't worry, you've just taken a wrong turn but it's easy to sort out.  
Just follow the steps below and begin registering your smart meter.

If you clicked on the Loop Clip option by mistake you may have problems verifying your account.  In this instance, please check your Junk or Spam folders then try resending your code by visiting, selecting  Verify Code and then following on-screen instructions.  If this still doesn't work, please email


For existing Loop hardware owners:

If you have smart meters and wish to create a second Loop account to show your smart meter data, please use an alternative email address to avoid losing access to to your Loop clip data.  

How to register your smart meter if you started creating your account after clicking the Loop Clip option by mistake:
  • Go to our Smart Meter registration page at
  • Enter the email address and password that you used to create your Loop account
  • Follow the on screen instructions to register your smart meter

Registering your smart meter:

You can read more about the registration process on this tutorial page.
Once your account is created and your smart meters are connected, we will email you once we start receiving data.  This normally happens within a few hours but can take a few days depending on variables that are beyond our control.